Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials to Pack With You For a Trip



No girl would like to carry a bulky bag for a leisure trip. I mean who is going to enjoy commuting carrying hefty, over-sized bags all the way. Unfortunately, we girls haven’t learnt to compromise like boys. We want everything in our travel bag that can make us look complete and up with the trend.

Don’t worry girls; the fashion world follows you and takes care of your traveling needs. This is the reason they eventually started manufacturing travel-sized beauty products to pack small comprehensible things that are a basic necessity for girls especially while traveling. Girls! You don’t have to compromise your beauty and health regimen while traveling. This guide is your friendly reminder to pack these compact items first, before you dump your shoes and clothes into your suitcases.

Buy a small makeup pouch

To keep everything organized and accessible, you need to buy a small pouch with more than one compartment to keep makeup products and toiletries separated in their respective compartments for better organization and accessibility. Have a look at few makeup pouches that are perfect to pack your regular touch up essentials.

Make up pouch- myntra-1

Make up pouch- anthropologie-1

What should be inside your makeup compartment?

Girls love to travel with a complete makeup kit that includes basic skincare products and makeup essentials. Other than your favorite lip color, eyeliner, eye-shadow mascara, kajal, concealer, highlighter, blush and foundation there are so many things that you should pack with you.

Here are a few best make up products that are compact and travel-friendly.

Bobby Brown complete travel make up kit

Sunscreen is a must

Something as basic as sunscreen becomes an absolute must when taking long-distance flights. Whether you’re traveling to the tropics, city or desert, a sunscreen is a must have and dermatologists recommend it for a tan-free and ever-glowing skin on the go. A natural sunscreen is always a better choice, as it suits all types and has no side effects.

best sunscreen to be carry for a trip

A mini hand sanitizer

Commuting in public places and eating with dirty hands is unhygienic. Of course, nobody wants to fall sick and obliterate the holiday fun. Therefore, it is important to always carry a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. A hand sanitizer can be used anytime, anyplace, without water or towels. It kills 70% of germs and leaves the hands refreshed. Don’t worry; it’ll not be taken away in the airport check-in. A sanitizer, preferably non-alcoholic in nature and less than 100ml in volume is just perfect to carry during flights.


Face wipes

You can’t wash your face during a long journey. At times facial wipes really help. They are disposable and appropriately clean your face and leave it refreshed. You can also use them to remove your makeup before going to the bed. They come in travel-sized small packing so you can easily pack them in your any sized travel bag.

facial cleansing wipes

Your favorite face cleanser

Your hotel may have a hair dryer in the bathroom but it definitely won’t have your favorite face cleanser. A mini 100 ml bottle of face wash is just enough to carry for a week journey. You can also pack paper soaps for more convenience.

Clean-Clear-Natural-Bright face wash


Just like your body needs water to stay hydrated during a commute, you skin needs moisturizer. Don’t let your skin get dry during the journey. Always carry a good small-sized moisturizer with you for your dry hands and skin. A moisturizer is a beauty essential, so make sure you don’t forget to pack it.

lakme Moisturizer for travel

A lip balm

Having chapped lips during a journey is a common problem. So, always carry a lip balm in your bag. They are compact and easily fit in your pocket. Here are a few best lip balms by top beauty brands that can be carried while traveling.


A mini perfume

Girls can’t afford to smell bad, and too much of sweat is something you can’t avoid during a long journey. Well, you don’t have to carry hefty perfume bottles with you. You easily can buy travel-sized perfume before embarking on your travel plans. And if you love sticking with a certain fragrance; buy a travel-sized perfume bottle that you can fill time and again with the scent of your taste.

Travel mini perfume

Don’t forget to pack eyewear

An eyewear isn’t something which is given a lot of thought or consideration when getting ready to travel, but you must carry eyewear from a good brand to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The other advantages of carrying a good pair of shades is that you can cover your weary eyes anytime to conceal your unsightly dark circles. Even if you are worn-out, you can still look fresh and classy wearing your favorite pair of shades.

eyewear is a travel essential

An emergency sanitary pad

Not remembering the date when was the last time you got your periods is the most common problem with girls. So, it’s always safe to pack one or two usual pads and tampons for the trip. Not packing emergency sanitary pads can eventually turn you journey into a nightmare.     

pack Sanitary Pad for travel

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