How to Look Stylish in Kurtis

With so many designs and styles available, it is become very important to know how to look stylish in kurtis or how to wear them correctly for an occasion or in daily life. Here I have got you 10 ways to style kurtis to make a statement with a great fashion intellect. Have a look.



The craze for kurtis among women is mounting the sky day by day. It is one such garment that makes every woman or girl look elegant instantly. Fashion designers are obsessed with this trend, and this is why we are in access of innumerable designs of kurtis today. With so many designs and styles available, it is become very important to know to look stylish in kurtis or how to wear them correctly for an occasion or in daily life. Here I have got you 10 ways to style kurtis to make a statement with a great fashion intellect.  Have a look.

Jacket over kurti

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Jacket over kurti gives instant makeover to your plain kurti that you probably don’t wear, as you find that too simple or boring. It’s an ideal outfit to wear on any small Indian function, pooja or festival. You can also wear it for office to beautifully uphold a traditional appearance.   

Kurti over jeans

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 Style your kurti with a well-fitted pair of jeans to create theta ethnic chic look. Your Mother in law frown upon you for wearing jeans! Make her drool over you by getting into an elegant kurti and donning your favorite denims underneath. A long kurti worn with a pair of jeans personifies simplicity with elegance. Going out to college or an informal do grab that short kurti of yours with the pair of your rugged denims and be a crowd puller.  A side slit kurti will surely make you the center of attraction provided you are good in choosing your colors.

Kurti with leggings

Kurti with leggings
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Adding grace to your personality with a kurti worn upon a pair of leggings is the best you can do when you need to feel good from inside. Leggings available in different fabric and multi colors have come a long way in women fashion since they can be worn with traditional and western wear alike. The grace of your kurtis will be uplifted once you have a myriad colored leggings in your wardrobe. You might be having any form of kurtis – plain, printed, short, long, single shade, multi colored; a pair of leggings is a must have and a must wear to especially to show off your curves and grooves.

Team them up with plazzo

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Plazzos the latest rage in Indian fashion that have taken the Indian fashion insdutry with a storm highlight the oomph factor of the kurti. Need a bold look – Team up a short kurti with a pant Plazzo. Need a simple look – A long kurti with the normal plazzo. Need an elegant look for a party – A kurti with a designer plazzo preferably banarsi plazzo will do the trick. Kurtis and Plazzos go hand in hand in creating a chic yet elegant look for formal and casual occasions.

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Match with plain colored slim pants

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Going to office and not really getting comfortable with your business suit or the formal shirt and trousers try a simple kurti with a plain colored slim pant. You are formally dressed yet you can bask in the comfort and glory of your favorite kurti pulled out of your wardrobe. This is the Friday dressing code for most of the women working in those white and blue colored jobs that require a good sense of dressing even on casual days like a Friday or even Saturday. Use this combination to travel since it is the most comfortable combination made out for working women. Taking a long flight and having a meeting lined up as soon as you land get into the plain kurti you have in your wardrobe with a plain colored pant.

Kurti with flared skirts

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Elegance personified! If this is something you want to exhibit in your personality via the way you dress you can’t miss getting in one of your choicest kurtis complemented by a flared skirt. Make your man drool over yourself and make those heads turn in the party you are attending by dressing to kill with that western flared skirt and that ethnic kurti of yours. Presenting a completely ethnic look from the comfort of a skirt and kurti yet looking desirable is something that can be created using the combination of a kurti and a flared skirt.

Kurti with shrug

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Shrugs can change the look of any woman in a jiffy especially when paired with a kurti. Shrugs with their variety and designs are a must have for women who like to dress up. Shrugs are the best companions for kurtis. A full sleeve shrug will save you from tanning when you wearing a sleeveless kurti. Shrugs tend to protect you from the elements and highlight the statement that you want to make with your dressing. Complemented with one of your favorite kurtis a shrug will surely create a different appearance that will make you stand apart from the crowd. Elegance and ethnic that’s what a shrug is going to create with a Kurti.

Kurti with dhoti salwar

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Dhoti was a fiefdom of men till a few years ago. However we women can turn the fashion in our stride the way we want. Why should men have all the fun? An indo western look with a dhoti salwar and the latest trendy kurti will be the style statement that you have always dreamt of making.

Win the game wearing them with high heels

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High heels with a kurti something you won’t like to miss. Where high heels give you that extra tinge to reach your man’s heart (no pun intended) they are the must have and must wear fashion accessory with a kurti. However make sure that you match the color of your Kurti with the heels you are going to put on else it can be a major fashion goof up. Many women have been seen to just put on high heels without caring to match with the outfit which creates a very dull look in terms of taste and fashion sense. If you don’t have a matching high heels with your kurti buy one else put on something that goes well with the kurti.

Don’t shy to match them up with minimal accessories

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Stylish jhumkas, earrings, fancy dupattas, clutches, handbags, Necklaces, parandis all Indian traditional wear you can think of goes very well with a traditional or chic kurti alike. Match your fashion accessories wear them look into the mirror, tell the mirror “ I look Awesome” and take on the world with your sense of fashion and looks that are going to create magic once you step outside your home.

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