7 Ways to Care For Your Tops

I heard you call, so here I am sharing 7 important habits to care for your tops that include proper methods of cleaning, drying and storing. So let’s begin.



How many tops do you have in your wardrobe? I am sure you have so many that you can’t even tell me the exact number. But I wanna ask you; do you get a chance to wear them on a regular basis? I know most girls will say No! Even if nearly all of them are in trend. We end up repeatedly wearing 5 – 6 tops that we have bought recently. Most girls will agree with me on this that the main reason we discard our tops very soon is because we don’t know how to care for them so that they can last longer. The fabric and color just fades away after one or two washes.

However, the issue can be resolved with proper care. Caring for your tops is not a challenge. Taking care of them will save your money and time that you spend in shopping malls, shops or online to buy the new trendy ones. Of course, if you know the basic styling tips, and you have the must-have fashion accessories in your wardrobe, then it is not impossible to look fresh and fashionable wearing the tops you have stowed away in your wardrobe. I heard you call, so here I am sharing 7 important habits to care for your tops that include proper methods of cleaning, drying and storing. So let’s begin.

1. Buy durable fabric

Whenever selecting a new top, make sure you buy a fabric that is naturally durable and requires little care.

2. Wash with care

If possible, do not wash your tops frequently. No, it doesn’t mean you should wear dirty clothes; it’s just the more you wash them, the more they lose their quality. Have enough tops so that you don’t have to repeat them more than once or twice a month. Wash the delicate fabrics with your hands and do not dry them in dryer. Use fabric care products while washing them.

3. Avoid Ironing

Avoid ironing on the fabrics like denim, polyester, wool, knits, and spandex. Iron other fabric tops on low or medium heat. It will consume a bit of time, but I bet your tops will look new for a long time. If you don’t have time to iron your tops, steam them by hanging in your bathroom while taking a hot shower.

4. Fold clothes properly

Fold your tops along the seams. It will avoid unwanted creases and will maintain the shape of the top of your dress.

5. Learn Basic Repairs

Learn to perform basic repairs on your tops like replacing a loose thread or a missing button. It will save you money, and of course, your tops will look new and last for long.

6. Avoid drying them in the drier

The best way to care for your tops is to dry them outdoors. Drying them in a dryer takes a toll on them. You will very soon lose their quality and color.

7. Storing and sorting

Sort your tops in a size and style-wise pattern. Make sure your storage location or wardrobe is well ventilated and does not catch moisture in monsoons and winters. Choose good hangers to hang long tops, sweaters and long dress tops. Keep folded tops and t-shirts in boxes or drawers. You can label your boxes with content inside for easy accessibility.

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